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non operational railway/swimbridge station/devon somerset railway goods shed swimbridge n
major stations/glasgow central station/glasgow central station caledonian railway nd
beaconsfield bridge/gwr beaconsfield station bridge 11m 49 3 4 ch
langston bridge/lbscr hayling island railway swing bridge
longton viaduct/north staffordshire uttoxeter branch details
lady aqueduct/wilts somerset weymouth railway aqueduct trowbridge
creech bridge/b er bridge drawing no3c nd
bridge chard canal/chard taunton railway bridge canal 1863
footbridge 97a whitacre heath/midland railway derby birmingham line whitacre
gloucester swing bridge/gloucester dean forest railway gloucester swing
gas house lane bridge rochester/se cr rochester railway bridge gas house lane
bridge common rochester/se cr common bridge rochester c1900s
botley road bridge/gwr oxford station proposed extension botley
shrewsbury abbey viaduct/abbey viaduct nd
bute street bridge cardiff/south wales railway cardiff viaduct bute street
john street bridge cardiff/gwr cardiff widening john street bridge 1893
river avon bridge 107m 0ch/evesham bridge 107m 1955
river avon bridge 106m 105ch/great western railway rebuilding bridge river
thrapston viaduct/mr thrapston viaduct no 21 22 bridge 23 removal
harringworth viaduct/harringworth viaduct bridge no42 marking plan
rye bridge/se cr reconstruction bridge river rother
audley end viaduct/great eastern railway audley end bridge repairs
bristol road bridge/b er bristol road bridge near highbridge nd
collingham bridge/lner collingham bridge bridge no 42 renewal
sheffield wicker arch/sheffield wicker arch elevation proposed stonework
exe valley bridge/tiverton north devon railway girder bridge 3m
kingsferry bridge/kingsferry lifting bridge details concrete tower
medge hall underbridge no 23/brb underbridge no 23 medge hall steelwork components
pollard lane bridge/reconstruction bridge no27 horsforth 1969
newlay bridge/newlay bridge river aire near newlay station
river amber bridge ambergate/plans sections sectional elevations bridge 45
underbridge steeple aston farmers crossing/accommodation bridge 76m 34ch didcot chester n

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